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Luna Azul – Luna returns for cock!

Luna returns for cock!

Way too much time has passed since Luna Azul, one of our favorite 60Plus MILFs, fucked for our viewing pleasure. In fact, it’s been nearly three years since this sexy grandma visited our studio and fucked total strangers so we could jack off. And it’s great to have her back.

“Don’t you miss my lips wrapped around your cock?” Luna said. “Don’t you miss my tits? Suck my nipples and make my pussy throb. My pussy gets so fucking wet, and once my pussy gets wet, I want to feel that hard cock inside me.”

Hey, is that any way for a grandmother to talk?

Well, yes, it is. In our studio, at least.

Luna is almost 63 now, and she says she feels as if her sexuality is peaking. This sexy divorcee–and she says she plans on staying single–says she doesn’t date much these days.

“I get off so much when I’m...

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Sally D’Angelo – Ride Sally’s ass

Ride Sally's ass

Sally D’Angelo recently turned 60, so Rocky brings her a birthday cake. Then he brings her his cock. Sally blows out the candle, then she blows his dick.

“I’m still as naughty as I’ve always been,” Sally said.

Naughtier, actually, because this is Sally’s first anal video.

“I’m a little nervous, but I think I’ll be fine,” Sally said.

Of course, she had already taken Rocky’s cock up her tight ass for the photo set, but there’s a little more energy, a little more thrusting, involved with a video. But Sally takes every inch of Rocky’s dick and squeals as it plunders her asshole.

We asked Sally if she watched any of her previous scenes, which were for

“Absolutely!” Sally said as she rubbed her pussy. “Every one of them.”

With whom?

“My husband. They were hot, and we fucked.”


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Sally D’Angelo – Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

What does it mean when Rocky slides his finger in Sally D’Angelo’s tight asshole in photo no. 30 of this set? And then keeps his finger firmly inserted in her butthole for six more photos?

It means Sally is finally going to get ass-fucked on-camera!

That’s right! In her fifth fuck scene, this just-turned-60-year-old wife, mother, grandmother and all-around cock lover is going to take a cock up her ass. Not that we’re surprised. After all, Sally has been spending a lot of time with Rita Daniels, and Rita has taken it up her ass every which way for our cameras. Rita and Sally even had a three-way, and you had to figure Sally was not about to allow herself to get one-upped-her-ass by Rita much longer.

“I’ve had anal sex with my hubby and with my hubby in my ass and another guy in my pussy,” ...

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Cara Reid – Cara’s first time

Cara's first time

“What’s going to happen right now? I’m hoping I’m going to get the fucking of a lifetime,” says Cara Reid, a 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Texas who’s fucking on-video for the first time. “I’ve never done this before, but there’s a little wild side in me that says, ‘Girl, you can do this, and we’re going to have fun with it.’”

She had some emotional support: Her husband was sitting just six feet away, watching her suck and fuck a guy she’d met, well, about an hour or two earlier.

That’s something that definitely wouldn’t have happened, say, 16 or 17 years ago.

“I lived a very sheltered life until 15 years ago, when I met my second husband,” Cara said. “A Southern upbringing with Bible, church, things like that...

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Cara Reid – Everything you wanted to know about Cara Reid

Everything you wanted to know about Cara Reid

Now it’s time to get to know Cara Reid, a 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Texas who came to us through Sally D’Angelo, one of the most-popular GILFs at our site. Cara is a toned, fit, big-titted blonde from Texas, and in all honesty, our one reservation when we saw her test shots was that you guys wouldn’t believe she’s actually 60 years old. But she is, born April 21, 1953. You’re just gonna have to take our word for it.

Anyway, in this video interview, we find out a lot about Cara. We find out that she calls her pussy her cookie. She tells us that her pussy is little but tight. She tells us how she lived a sheltered life until she met her second husband, who introduced her to things like motorcycles, SCUBA diving, swinging and eating other women’s pussies...

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Cara Reid – Cara fucking at It’s destiny

Cara fucking at It's destiny

Once upon a time, a woman named Cara was friends with a woman named Sally. They were both biker chicks–meaning they and their husbands liked to ride motorcycles–and they met through a website where bikers found other bikers to ride with.

“My husband and I live in Texas, but we come over this way every once in a while on vacation,” Cara said, “this way” meaning South Florida. That’s where Sally and Cara and their husbands would go riding.

Well, in addition to being bikers, Sally and Cara were also swingers, but Sally didn’t know that Cara was a swinger and Cara didn’t know that Sally was a swinger. And what Cara really didn’t know–and Sally took pains to keep secret–was that Sally had sucked and fucked on-camera for and

You see, Sally is Sally D’Angelo...

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Scarlet Andrews – From flight attendant to 60PlusMILFs

From flight attendant to 60PlusMILFs

“I’ve had sex on the top floor of the 747 in the lounge,” said Scarlet Andrews, a 65-year-old wife who was a flight attendant back in the day when flight attendants were called stewardesses, were always hot and often fucked passengers and the pilots.

“The gentleman came on, very nice looking, and was flirting with me and wanted to know if I would take him upstairs to the lounge,” Scarlet told us in her sweet, sexy, Alabama accent. “I said, ‘Of course, sir.’ So I took him up there. We were touching and feeling and had our hands in each other’s clothes. There was the unzipping of pants, and he lifted up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and fucked me right there in the back of the lounge.”

Scarlet says she has a lot of stories about fucking her passengers…probably even more than her fellow...

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Scarlet Andrews – She’s fucking him. She’s old enough to be his grandmother

She's fucking him. She's old enough to be his grandmother

In her return to, 65-year-old wife Scarlet Andrews sucks and rides 25-year-old Rocky’s cock and invites him to blast his load all over her old face. Rocky accepts the invitation, and Scarlet, her pretty faced glazed with cum, smiles for the camera. All’s well that ends with a facial!

In her first scene at, Scarlet fucked a guy right in front of her husband.

In her second scene, Scarlet and 50PlusMILF Jenna Covelli took on two guys.

Now, Scarlet is back for more.

“I love having sex while my hubby watches,” said Scarlet, who’s wearing a sexy bra and panties, stockings and a garter. “We really enjoyed watching my first two scenes together.”

We enjoyed watching them, too.

Scarlet told us she’d never had sex with a much-younger man...

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