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Ruby Black Cocks White Sluts

Ruby had a hard time understanding what tubesteak and milkshake meant. She thought we were still talking about groceries. So we stretched her asshole with our black cocks and gave her some nice facials. Lesson over! See full-length episode at

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Lexxi Lash Blacks On Cougars

Lexxi Lash Lexxi Lash
Lexxi Lash @

Lexxi Lash Lexxi Lash

Visit – Hot Cougar Moms With Hung Black Studs @ Blacks On Cougars | Lexxi Lash

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Skylar Green

Skylar Green Skylar Green
Skylar Green @
Warning: The following scene is not for the squeamish or those with a heart condition. We find Skylar Green hand-in-hand with Moe. They encounter her dad, Mr. Green, as he’s on his way to the office. The look back he makes is a clear signal that all isn’t right in the Green household. Moe and Skylar get back to her place, where they lock lips….and more. Skylar sucks on Moe’s monster as Mr.Green’s snooping becomes much more evident with each passing minute. Skylar’s old man finally walks in and, well, things take an interesting turn. Instead of heading to the safety of New York, Moe’s given approval to continue fucking the snow bunny known as Skylar Green. Mr...

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Katrina Jade Blacks on Blondes

Katrina Jade Katrina Jade
Katrina Jade @

Katrina Jade Katrina Jade

Visit – The Complete Dogfart Interracial Sex Series @ Blacks On Blondes | Katrina Jade

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Roxy Black Cocks White Sluts

Roxy tells us that she's a well traveled adventurous girl. We put her sense of adventure to the test with a huge black cock in her mouth and her pussy and just watch her scream to be fucked! See full-length episode at

[tags]Asian, Bigcock, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Pornstar, Smalltitts, Threesome, Outdoor-public, Tattoo, Piercing, Brunette, Shaved, Gagging[/tags]

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Felony Black Cocks White Sluts

After inspecting these huge cocks to make sure they were real, Lisa wrapped her pretty lips around them to test them out for herself. Convinced that these monstrous prods were the real-deal, Lisa was ready to stretch out her little pink pussy and get fucked by these monster black cocks. One thing is for sure, fucking this bitch after these dudes got through with her will be like slinging a hot dog down a hallway. See full-length episode at

[tags]Amateur, Bigcock, Bigtits, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Threesome, Tattoo, Brunette, Pale[/tags]

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Aimee Black Cocks White Sluts

Aimee said she loved big black cocks, but she didn't know about having 4! When our guys show up, it's surprising that she didn't seem to mind. Watch as 4 big black cocks pound Aimee's sweet little ass! See full-length episode at

[tags]Anal, Bigcock, Double penetration, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Smalltitts, Tattoo, Brunette, Shaved[/tags]

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Tori Black Black Cocks White Sluts

Tori was a little piece of Seattle white meat who had no idea what she was getting into when she met up with our camera crew. Turns out this sweet slut's pink pussy was just too damn tight for the BIG BLACK COCK we gave her to fuck….so we lubed that mocha monstrosity up and eased it in nice and slow until balls hit clit and this bitch screamed “OH!” See full-length episode at

[tags]Bigcock, Hardcore, Interracial, First time[/tags]

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Alexa Benson Black Cocks White Sluts

Alexa is addicted to the massive ebony mast, so when Jon Jon and Rico offered up their pesky pudgy poles, this white slut was quick to take one black cock in her gob and another one balls deep in her hot, horny hole! This cracker bitch gets her slit split by big black battering rams until she screams, “Stop…it's too big!” See full-length episode at

[tags]Bigcock, Hardcore, Interracial, Threesome, First time, Big butt[/tags]

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Lindsay Kay Black Cocks White Sluts

Lindsay Kay was on the hunt to be impressed, so when we brought her in and showed her a couple of big black monstrous cocks, her jaw hit the floor! Lindsay was a bit intimidated by those ebony erections, but she still managed to hungrily wrap her sexy lips around those colossal cocks to suck the life right out of them! See full-length episode at

[tags]Bigcock, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Smalltitts, Threesome, First time, Big butt, Blonde[/tags]

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Capri Black Cocks White Sluts

Capri is a little magic slut from Vegas. We decided to let her try her new routine with us- “Hide the Magic Sausage”. See how many she tries to take on at once in this gang bang bonanza! See full-length episode at

[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Natural boobs, Stripping, Deep throat, Blonde, Pale, Shaved[/tags]

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Nika Noire Black Cocks White Sluts

From Russia, Nika's petite, gorgeous and excited to try some black American cock. She'd heard all about our special attributes… But she totally under-estimated the Kong in our Shlongs. She knew they'd be big…. but not that BIG!! See full-length episode at

[tags]Amateur, Bigcock, Blowjob, Hardcore, Interracial, Natural boobs, Smalltitts, Swallows, Threesome, First time, Brunette, Shaved[/tags]

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Desi Foxx Blacks On Cougars

Desi Foxx Desi Foxx
Desi Foxx @
I can’t tell you how many deadbeat tenants live in my building. I had to finally evict Ice Cold and CJ Wright since they haven’t paid rent in months. I served them personally since I wanted to see their sad faces as they realized they’d soon be homeless. They were lucky that I had a change of heart and needed big black cock much more than a rent check. Working out a deal with these two black guys wouldn’t be difficult since white pussy is a favorite of the black man, especially seasoned milf pussy which this cougar has. After getting them home I got on my knees and wanted to evict some hot black cum all over me, but not without sliding my tight white milf cunt over those shafts...

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Dana Devine Blacks On Cougars

Dana Devine Dana Devine
Dana Devine @
I was definitely on the wrong side of the tracks today in my search for black thugs who pack more than guns. Much like wine I’m getting better with age and much hornier. My white husband is with the kids so I had free time to get some interracial fucking the right way and via fat thug dick. I knew I was getting close since the graffiti on the wall and the dangerous neighborhood told me I was getting closer and closer to the jackpot. I encountered these two gangster-looking young black men who were surprised to see a cougar on their turf. I was able to get them to my pad and got them naked faster than you can say "Honey, I’m home!"...

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Katrina Kraven Black Cocks White Sluts

Katrina wanted to earn some extra cash money, but she was a little hesitant about showing us some skin. As soon as we mention a couple c-notes she was buttnaked in no time. Watch as we turn out this hot lil' slut in another episode of BCWS!! See full-length episode at

[tags]Amateur, Anal, Bigcock, Double penetration, Facial, Hardcore, Interracial, Natural boobs, Tattoo, Deep throat, Brunette[/tags]

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