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Sunshine – Sunshine’s Yuletime Log

Sunshine's Yuletime Log

A great favorite, Sunshine flew back to Miami to celebrate Xmas as a Jiggle Belle. The sight of the Xmas tree reminds Sunshine that she really needs a long, hard pole and a guy going up her chimney before she heads home. With or without a fake white beard, she needs a Bad Santa. When he shows, the cheap bastard doesn’t have any presents for her except a Yule meat log. No sooner has Sunshine removed her tight sweater and pulled out her big boobs than Ol’ St. Prick is ready to quench the wench’s thirst for nut-nog.

Another XL Girl, Monique L’Amour, interviewed Sunshine. They also did a scene together for the DVD Knockin’ Nipples. The two really got on, and got it on, very well.

Monique: When did your boobs get to be that size? I just can’t get over the size of those things.
Sunshine: When I ...

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Sunshine – Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

Shave My Bush & Fuck My Bump

Sunshine looks like the kind of girl who could get pregnant just by smelling cum. This might have been the ultimate Sunshine photo and video session. Sunshine’s got a full bush, she’s six-months pregnant and her belly bump is big and round. Sunshine’s already-immense tits are at their biggest.

Her fuck partner, Johnny, can’t keep his paws off her. He’s never had a woman like Sunshine. He’s fucked her before but not when she was knocked-up. Sunshine is totally into hot, nasty sex on-camera and enjoys grinding a hard cock while the cameras roll, even when she has a belly-bump.

Sunshine did the dirty deed with only one girl during her time modeling. That was Monique L’Amour, who also has stopped modeling...

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Jenna Jayden – Brickhouse Blonde

Brickhouse Blonde

“I have a down-home good-girl side and I have a side that wants to let it all loose, have fun and do kinda the wild girl thing,” says Jenna Jayden, an exotic dancer with a definite wild streak that she needs to satisfy.

“My down-home side is loving nature, being kind to animals, being an Ohio girl where there are farms everywhere. Quiet, peaceful. Being a stay-at-home girl and just relaxing. Then there’s my other side that won out.

“I wanted to get out and join the adult industry. I wanted to express myself and my sexual side. And Ohio was not the place for me to do that. There were no opportunities there for what I wanted to be. Making videos at SCORE was what I wanted to do.

“I’m a big show-off. I’m the first to admit that. I’m not a foreplay kind of girl...

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Dulcinea – Secretary of Bust

Secretary of Bust

“I love attention,” says Dulcinea, another awesome, lovely newcomer who makes us proud to be fans of XL Girls. “I especially love attention at the gym. I feel so feminine and feel I’m able to offer people something visually that is really sexually exciting. I wear two bras at the gym to keep my big boobs in shape.”

How many gym guys have dropped weights on their feet, distracted by Dulcinea’s larger-than-life grandeur as she works out?

We dream of fucking Dulcinea’s 36HH tits before heading south. “I love to stimulate men with my breasts,” she says. “I think they find them visually appealing and arousing. It’s my favorite way to make them cum.”

Dulcinea is a born exhibitionist. This is why guys invented and perfected the camera. “I love to watch and be watched...

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Trinety Guess – Caught In Her Net

Caught In Her Net

They say time makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of Trinety Guess, time makes the cock grow harder. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen this sexy redhead, but she’s certainly worth the wait. Especially since she may be even sexier than we remember. Her soft curves and GG-cup tits look like the perfect catch in her pink fishnet outfit. And we won’t be throwing this babe back, either. Because for the second time, the men of XL have fallen in love with Trinety. And we didn’t stand a chance. For those who don’t remember, Trinety says her favorite occupation was being The Queen of Hearts.

What has Trinety been up to since we last saw her? Oh, the same old, same old.

“I’m still playing a lot of video games,” she said. “Oh, and I’m fucking even more...

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Katarina Dubrova – Big Boobs, A Bikini & A Baby Bump

Big Boobs, A Bikini & A Baby Bump

Last we saw the beautiful Katarina Dubrova in “Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty,” her partner was shooting a load of nut-batter in her equally beautiful hooha. Now we see the result of that cream-pie.

Katarina’s baby bump looks even bigger because of her delicate, slim and stacked physique. She’ll be ready to drop soon and is pretty horny. Katarina still wanted to model and we were eager to photograph her. Her big tits are much bigger; her areolae are a dark chocolate brown now.

Katarina shows what she looks like now, wearing a tiny bikini and wrap. She goes for a plunge in the spa’s hot tub, makes herself cum with fingers and a thick toy and showers off her big tits and sticky pussy.

Coming soon: Katarina’s fuck partner lays more pipe with the lithesome blonde, her massive bump is ...

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Trinety Guess – Tasty Ginger

Tasty Ginger

Clad in a sexy leopard skin one-piece, this ginger is the type of kitty cat we’d love to pet all day and night. And Trinety Guess wouldn’t mind one bit, either. There are few girls as kinky as this gorgeous GG-cupper. Even by our standards. Trinety is a natural in front of a camera, too, so we always find ourselves snapping a few pics of this babe. Even when we’re just hanging out in this bedroom in between shoots. The camera loves Trinety and every side is her good side. But we have to admit, we’re boob guys and our favorite side is whatever direction her tits are facing. So Trinety pulls them out for us and gives her tits and nipples a squeeze. She licks and kisses them for good measure, too. Trinety finds her body and tits to be just as tasty as we do.

Tasty Ginger

See More of Trinety Guess at XL...

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Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii 36EEE

Hawaii 36EEE

Our Q&A with Claudia KeAloha continues from “Hawaii 36EEE,” her solo cam-show video in SCORE Theater. This time we tap into Claudia’s life as an exotic dancer.

SCORE: Claudia, what club do you currently dance in?

Claudia KeAloha: Right now, I am not dancing at any clubs, but I will be looking to dance somewhere in Sarasota or Tampa soon. I’m modeling and web-camming.

SCORE: How did you handle your very first time on stage?

Claudia KeAloha: Well, when I started dancing I was studying modern dance and I thought I had to perform like it was “Lincoln Center” [Laughs] Until a kind customer told me stripping was not supposed to be energetic or fast. He said “Just move slowly, sensually, turn and turn.” He was right!

SCORE: How should guys behave in a dance club, besides giving the dancers his ...

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Alyssa Lynn – “I Have The Body For Porn”

While going to nursing school, Alyssa Lynn was also dancing at Club Risque in her hometown of Philadelphia to pay the bills.

“I started dancing at 21. I’ve been dancing off and on for a while. I like it. Where I dance is so family-oriented. Club Risque in Philly. The girls are nice and the managers treat you nice, and the customers are a lot of regulars. It’s like a corner bar.

“There was a good reaction to my bigger boobs. They all knew I was getting them done, all the dancers, the customers. Everybody liked them, so I was happy. I started getting better tips. A lot better. Guys think with their other heads when they’re in a club. That’s what they’re there for. Beer, boobs and baseball.

“I dance topless. I wear a thong. Lap dances. Champagne rooms. Full contact on the lap dances...

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Alyssa Lynn – Here Come The Twins

Here Come The Twins

Alyssa Lynn was at SCORE for the second time. New 40something Girl Cassie Cougar was at SCORE for the first time and doing her first-ever hardcore scene. Cassie was a stripper in the New York area and now does web-camming.

They criss-crossed at SCORE on the same day and met in the dressing room. Naturally, this meeting had to photographed. The girls compare bodies and big tits and learned they have a lot in common.

Cassie was a secretary in a hospital; Alyssa was a licensed practicing nurse. (She’s still licensed in case someone collapses during one of her lap dances.) Both girls are sugar-sweet.

See Cassie give Alyssa a boob-to-boob lap dance in the video portion. It’s quite educational.

Thank you, Alyssa and Cassie.

Here Come The Twins

See More of Alyssa Lynn at SCORELAND.COM!

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Natalie Fiore – Natalie Accepts All Discharges

Natalie Accepts All Discharges

There are some girls who just exude confidence and sexual energy. Natalie Fiore is one of those girls, and it seems no matter where she is, what she’s doing or how she’s dressed, she looks good enough to eat. It’s been fun watching one of the Top 20 Naturals of all-time (in both SCORE and V-mag) grow from DDD-cup SCORE Girl to a 40HH-cup, glowing, sizzling-hot mama and XL Girl. Especially since Natalie believes in flaunting it if you’ve got it. And, boy, does she have plenty.

“Women should show their cleavage all the time,” she said. “It’s sexy. If I could, I would never wear a top.”

We could certainly arrange that. Natalie’s latest photo set has the buxom babe working the phones, but as is always the case with her, it serves only to give us a case of the bones...

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Goldie Blair – Goldie Bare

Goldie Bare

“The funniest thing a guy’s said to me was ‘Nice bounce,’” says Goldie Blair, her body poured into a tight pink tube dress for “Goldie Bare,” the final set and video of her 2014 SCORELAND series.

“I swing both ways depending on my mood. I love clit play during sex. My sexual fantasy is to share a cute girl with big breasts with my man.”

“I usually like rough-and-ready men with long hair and tattoos, guys who like the outdoors and ride motorcycles. I’m really into watching bike racing, going to bike shows and riding in the country. My perfect day is riding a Harley in the country.”

Fetish babe, boxer, wrestler, dominatrix, horny “Auntie,” super-heroine and villain, Goldie has a full portfolio of cosplay roles and athletic activities. Life in her house is never dull...

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black

Back in Black

The shots of Suzumi Wilder serving her big tits on a paddle are boobtastic and those photos of her naked in bondage are both sexual and erotic. Her pussy spreading is perfect. Look how Suzumi pulls her lips to the sides and gives us a really good look inside her sweet pink cooch. You can’t take a bad picture of this hot chick if you tried.

“I feel like I can get into anything if the mood is right,” Suzumi says. “Some of my favorite things are to have my ass smacked while I’m being fucked and to have my hair pulled.”

“I masturbate quite a lot. If I am going for a quickie I will use an egg vibrator on my clit and work up to a quick orgasm while thinking about being fucked hard...

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Harlow Nyx – New Discovery

New Discovery

“I don’t work out. I’m not much of a sports person so I don’t watch football or basketball,” says new SCORELAND arrival Harlow Nyx. The green-eyed redhead from Missouri is a smokin’ hottie. We have a rebel in the house and when they’re pretty redheads with big tits and a voluptuous body, they can rebel and reveal all they want. We’re here to make them famous rebels.

In both introductory videos, Harlow tells us about herself, her interests and her wild sex life. Her boobs are massive and beautiful, scrumptious 36G-cups. In the Bonus vid, Harlow and the crew hit the streets of Miami and take Harlow and her guitar to a music store.

Harlow likes thrash metal music, horror films, going to concerts, Chinese food, and hard, pile-driving sex...

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Harlow Nyx – Guitar Heroine In Miami

Guitar Heroine In Miami

Harlow Nyx is our Guitar Heroine In Miami. While Harlow was here, the SCORELAND photo crew also took the pretty redhead out for a spin to the get-down part of town. They hit a music and guitar store and did a photo shoot with some of Miami’s wild grafitti-covered buildings for a backdrop. Some of these pictures look like album covers.

This was Harlow’s first time pro-modeling. Her big boobs are intense and her body is voluptuously prime. She’s a webcam girl back home, putting on naked shows, playing with her G-cups, her pretty pussy, using toys, deep-throating cock–all that good stuff.

The next time you see Harlow, she’ll be doing the nasty with a SCORE stunt-cock. Stay tuned...

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