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Dulcinea – Secretary of Bust

Secretary of Bust

It’s difficult to believe that Dulcinea had never modeled because her moves on-camera at XL Girls are so smooth, you’d think she has lots of experience being photographed. The lens loves her, and Dulcinea loves the lens.

“The most-fun thing I’ve ever done is what I do now: being a cam girl,” says Dulcinea, who in this video shows us what she does on-camera.

A beautiful face, big boobs that measure an astounding 36HH, a juicy pussy and a body that freezes you in your tracks…no wonder visions of Dulcinea drove Don Quixote bonkers. The brunette hottie is girlfriend material.

“I began to develop at nine,” she says. “Now I order my bras from the UK because I know my size and have not found a shop that carries it. I like lacey, embroidered bras...

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Jenna Jayden – Brickhouse Blonde

Brickhouse Blonde

And now for a newcomer who gets a rollercoaster thrill showing off her big tits, wears the tightest tops and wants to make your dick as hard as a railroad spike.

We’re talking 38H blonde bombshell Jenna Jayden.

“I’m definitely a girl who feeds on attention,” says Jenna, who’s now living in Las Vegas, where the action is 24/7. “I’m proud of my big boobs! I love showing off my tits and body. My tits are too big for regular bras so I order my bras online. I always wear sexy tops and, at the beach or at hotel pool parties, the smallest bikinis. I like to see guys turned-on when they check me out.

“I’m not really a dater. I don’t date much. I kinda go with it. Casual is more me. I’ve had a lot of sex, but I’m still a newbie to porn...

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Trinety Guess – Caught In Her Net

Caught In Her Net

“You’re making me dress up in these kinky clothes,” Trinety said. “I’m not sure if I like it or not.”

Trinety has always been a little tease. Which is one of the things we’ve always liked about her. Her playful sex appeal, love of fucking and 38GG tatas are some of the other reasons. It has been much too long since we’ve seen one of our favorite gingers, but hot, plump girls like this are more than worth a wait.

“You can pretty much see everything with what I’m wearing,” Trinety continues to tease. “Do you like it? I guess I’ll be a naughty girl today.”

Busty, curvy, naughty girls just happen to be our favorite kind. Trinety begins playing with and kissing her GG cups.

“Do you like when I play with my titties?” She asks.

She knows that we do, but girls like Trinety always have us begging ...

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Katarina Dubrova – Big Boobs, A Bikini & A Baby Bump

Big Boobs, A Bikini & A Baby Bump

Katarina Dubrova’s gone and gotten knocked-up. She’s sporting a huge baby bump at seven months and her tits are much bigger than last time. The areolae are now a deep dark brown. This sight had to be seen and recorded for SCORELAND. It’s rare that slim and stacked models pose preggers.

Katarina still had the urge to model. Her horniness might be even greater since pregnancy ramps up a girl’s hormones. Her first preggo scene has her in a bikini and heels at a spa. She looks sensational.

Katarina makes her entrance, and shows her massive bump, a major contrast to her slim frame. The blonde beauty dips in the hot tub and when she emerges, she lays on a towel by the side of the tub. Tweaking her perky nipples, Katarina sucks on a thick toy to lube it good...

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Trinety Guess – Tasty Ginger

Tasty Ginger

Getting to know our girls is one of our favorite things about flying girls down here. We like to get to the nitty gritty of our big-titted babes.

Trinety has always been the adventurous type, and she tells us that she’s planning to take a road trip soon. We’re trying our best to keep focused on what she’s saying right now, but our eyes can’t stop traveling up and down her soft, plump body and perfect GG tits. Though when she drops one little nugget, Trinety has our full attention.

“Since you guys have seen me last I’ve been a very naughty girl,” Trinety says. “I’ve been working on some hardcore scenes!”

Yes, Trinety Guess is fucking at last. Her first hardcore scene is dropping later this month and it’s a doozy...

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Claudia KeAloha – Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Claudia KeAloha is back at the SCORE studio, looking better and bustier than ever. In the dressing room, Claudia tries on a variety of tiny bikinis that could start a stampede at the beach. If anyone has a bikini-ready body, she’s Claudia KeAloha. There are no still photos of this bikini modeling, only video.

Dave asks Claudia what she does to stay in such beautiful shape. Claudia says it’s a combination of Muy Thai kickboxing training, jogging and swimming. And it definitely shows. She’s smokin’ hot and if you’ve seen her XXX videos, you know what a hot chick she is.

As Claudia bikinis-up, you’ll hear a girl’s voice in the background making sex sounds and yelling like she’s being banged. That’s because she is being banged. That’s Trinity Michaels shooting a scene for XL Girls...

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Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii 36EEE

Hawaii 36EEE

Claudia KeAloha’s solo cam-shows are very fucking hot and there’s no cock to block the sight of her pink-hole. Claudia also is very vocal. The busty brunette has a nice dirty mouth that inspires jacking. She gives good eye-connection too. We highly recommend you check out Claudia’s bikini show in the SCORE model’s dressing room. Her slim and stacked body is fantastic. She keeps herself in great shape.

Our Q&A continues:

SCORE: Do you speak any other languages?

Claudia KeAloha: Yes Spanish and a little Japanese.

SCORE: Have any busty models been an inspiration or good friend to you?

Claudia KeAloha: Yes. Summer Sinn. She is a very sweet girl and very smart. Also Minka. She is a super-smart business woman and in incredible shape.

SCORE: Do you have any one favorite SCORE boy-girl scene you’...

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Natalie Fiore – Natalie Accepts All Discharges

Natalie Accepts All Discharges

“Hello, how can I help you, mister?” Natalie Fiore says as her latest scene commences.

The caller can’t see Natalie’s pretty face, heavy HH-cup tits and luscious body (poor bastard), which is a bit unfortunate. There are so many things you could ask for, so much to potentially do with a girl like Natalie Fiore and her heavenly body.

“It’s finally my lunch break,” Natalie says after setting down the phone. “Thank God. I can have some fun now…with myself.”

We know Natalie well enough by now to know that her idea of fun aligns perfectly with our hottest fantasies. Natalie spreads her legs and rubs on her pussy through her panties. She’s teasing us and herself now, picking up the phone once again, and rubbing it against her tits...

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Alyssa Lynn – “I Have The Body For Porn”

“I have the body for porn” says Alyssa Lynn (“What The Peeper Saw”). That Alyssa does. Slim and busty, a slappable, squeezable ass and a sexy face with cock-sucker lips. But the road to show-sex wasn’t a straight line. Alyssa didn’t turn 18 and decide to become a porn star.

“I was at a community college. Didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had a boyfriend who told me what to do, so then I went to St. Joe’s University for a while. I originally wanted to be a cop, but that school didn’t have that major and so I switched and got my nursing license.”

“I used to run a lot so I was really thin. When I was in nursing school, I’d run 13 miles a day in the morning. I knew I was never going to have big boobs...

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Paola Rios – Chesty Chica Part 4

Chesty Chica Part 4

Paola Rios changes to another of her body-hugging, skimpy dresses and sits at the table for a snack. She suggests a strawberry toss. She’ll try to catch flying strawberries with her cleavage. This is the kind of game that only a big-boobed girl can play. You’ll like this game, it develops the eye.

Paola reminds SCORE “Den Mother” Karla that it’s time for their English/Spanish lesson. Paola is a college student in Ascuncion. She knows very little English and would like to learn to speak it so she’s studying it in school. Karla plays the translation game with her. Karla will say the English word and Paola will repeat the word in Spanish and point. The subject they pick is perfect. We’re the ones actually getting a lesson. A lesson in Paola’s anatomy.

Karla wants to tell Paola a secret about...

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Goldie Blair – Goldie Bare

Goldie Bare

“She is perpetually beautiful,” Nick comments. “In the distant future, she will be your star model in 60PlusMILFs and I’ll still be polishing the scepter over Goldie Blair.”

Goldie Blair picked her hottest, tightest dress for the last photo shoot in her recent SCORELAND series. (Goldie’s outfit in “Breast Intentions” was sexy too).

From her earliest shoots to now, Goldie got better looking and her body and tits have never looked fitter. Actually she’s changed very little since her previous visit in 2008. It’s gotta be her clean livin’ and healthy lifestyle of breast playing and masturbation. We’d love to see Goldie do the nasty and get dick-drunk at SCORELAND in 2015.

“Most nights, masturbation helps me sleep,” says Goldie, “It’s all clit play that gets me cumming.”

And what is sexy to G...

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black

Back in Black

“Would you like to punish me?” coyly asks the ultra-seductive Suzumi Wilder, her astounding body poured into a black fetishy dress. Suzumi whacks her ass with a paddle.

Yes, you would like to punish Suzumi but not with a paddle. Your cock is a better tool for that.

Ultra-hot and ultra-horny (her “Grand Theft Anal” scene rocked it), Suzumi’s boobs, pussy and ass show is another winner. This girl has the magic, a gorgeous face and a perfect bod. Any man would be proud to play Final Fantasy with gamer-girl Suzumi, preferably on the same couch.

What does Suzumi do for fun and for hobbies?

“My hobbies include art. I love to paint and draw in either charcoals or regular pencils. I love to play video games. Most of my free time is spent playing games like World of Warcraft.”

“I work out casually...

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Harlow Nyx – New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet another spectacular New SCORELAND Discovery. She’s Harlow Nxy. We found this redheaded honey in Missouri and put forth the proposition that all girls are not created equal and that’s why she should model for us. Harlow accepted.

Harlow plays guitar so you’ll be seeing her in a Bonus video and photo shoot during a field trip away from the SCORE studio. Our crew took her out to a local guitar store and to a graffiti-covered neighborhood (she likes the grunge scene). If more big-boobed, pretty musicians played guitar with their shirts pulled up over their bras, the world would be a happier place. That would also be a good subject for a song.

Harlow had the biggest twins in school. “Most people know me because of them,” says Harlow...

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Maya Milano – Comely & Curvy

Comely & Curvy

Maya Milano is only 21 years old so the chances are that her already huge tits will keep growing. The odds are good that this could happen. At least we’re hoping for it. “It is pleasing and flattering to think that I might be the fantasy girl of many men,” Maya said. “This would not have been possible if I had not decided to pose. No one would know who I am.”

The Holiday ’14 Voluptuous magazine covergirl keeps busy in university and can only model part-time. Yes, she’s an ultra-busty co-ed who draws the eye when she strolls across campus to her next class. An ultra-busty co-ed with a difference because few of them take off their clothes and show their spectacular, naked G-cups and statuesque bodies.

“I like this kind of attention,” says the 5’4″ heartbreaker. “I always wear a bra...

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Joana – Girls Who Love Girls

Girls Who Love Girls

The last time Joana, the Countess of Cleavage, and her girls Roxanne Diamond and Amorina got together for a “Big Tit Pussy Picnic” at SCORELAND, they were in a quiet park where there was a strong chance of accidental exposure or someone spying on their sexing.

This time, the three amigas decide to hold an indoor slumber party love-in minus the slumber and minus the nightgowns. This time, the girls are all dressed up in party dresses and heels.

They waste no time with small chit-chat. Amorina kneels on the floor before Joana and pulls her top down. Roxanne cops a feel of Amorina’s ass, then goes for a lip-lock with Joana. The dominant Joana takes Amorina and Roxanne by their hair and brings their faces together so they can kiss and swap tongue twirls...

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